Saturday, April 16, 2011

Now AT 3000, let me speak!!

Hello everyone!

Lets see where to begin, I will start by listing what I believe without explanation, and then I will come back to explain things.

I love NADIAD page is devoted to my thoughts and personal beliefs. I know some of you may be saying "oh no, not another one of those," but I assure you that this one is different if only for the fact that I am not preaching or recruiting. I am just elaborating on what I have come to believe without the help/force of my parents, my beloved wife-n-Jay and my friends.

I love NADIAD very much!

Now we are around 3000 Nadiad online lovers, thanks to Face book, on my last birthday one of my resolution to do something for our own Nadiad, I think about this page and I have talk to few of my friends and some of them laughed at me and some join me. Believe me in my life whatever I do, do it with great passion and faith and that is my strength and same have been learnt from by dad, thanks sb.

VASO is my birth place, Nadiad is my Karmbhumi, but our love towards our Nadiad has never been less anytime. All those will agree with me as Nadiad is very special place for all of those who have even spent little time here. When we started I love Nadiad, we where not aware that in very short time we will cross thousands of friends.

Photography is my passion and everyday I click about 10 to 15 pictures around me and that become good material for I love NADIAD. After my busy hours I send some time for this page. As I told you two of my friends Hardik Yagnik and Harshad Patel both joined me and support me for I love NADIAD page even after busy business schedule.

Hardik Yagnik is working for Doordarsan as news reader in prime time and also runs his own English learning academy, as you all are aware that Hardik writes our popular Gujarati column | NADIAD NE RAS DHAR | Hardik is recently awarded for his splendid project JAI SOMNATA done at Swami Vivakanand School in presence of current president of SOMNATH TEMPLE Honorable Shri KISHUBAPA, few pictures and videos were upload on our page. We are truly proud that Hardik is part of our team.

Harshad Patel is my childhood friend and he runs his own IT business at Nadiad and Anand, he is very talented and innovative. Computer field is all about R&D, whenever I talk him about my fresh idea he always supports me and also guide me. Harshad post photos and Gujarati articles about Nadiad.

Here there is one more admin for I love NADIAD page and he is just 12 years and that’s my boy JAY PATEL. He is also interested in photography and technology and also says he loves NADIAD.

Thank you all admin of page without you it would not be possible to reach here very fast. I would also like to thank photographer Shri Manaharkaka for his mail regarding Nadiad time to time. I thank one of my friend Nishit Shah who advertise our page on his every Sunday’s handbill supplements. I also wish many names here but list is very long, I sincerely thank them all.

Here I wish to add something more about my social projects so far…

I have started on year 2000 making Navyug Trust with help of my 11 friends and also done NAVARATRI PACHI NE RATRI with help of Chetak Sports Club, Sanjaybhai Desai and Amitbhai Patel, both are very good friends of mine and always support me when I stand for any cause. At that time we have donated CCU Ambulance to Mahagujarat Hospital which at that time cost about 11 lac and MP Dinsha Patel, MLA Pankaj Desai , MLA Rakesh Rao with help of MP Arun Jatli we have completed that project very proudly. Mahagujarat Hospital and their patents are benefited.

ON 2002 our Navyug trust has done social project NATRA CHIKITSHA CAMP with help doctors of Nadiad and MLA BIMAL SHAH and my friends Rakesh Patel HUF trust, about 1700 plus villagers of Memdavad district were benefited.

On 2004 I with 14 friends have established BPOSITIVE Foundation and today we are about 70 plus members and done social project SAB VAHINE FOR SANTRAM MANIDR with help of 70 members under Pinakin Amin’s captaincy and thanks to all Nadiad’s downers. Currently all Nadiad and sourending people are benefited.

Last June 2010 I have started I love NADIAD page to do again something for our own NADIAD and had lot of plans in mind one of them is 24 Hour BLOOD BANK, we have to travel Anand and Nadiad is still missing full time blood bank and good public swimming pool is also missing, let’s see how to and where to start, my guruji Shri Narayandasji Maharaj told me GOOD CAUSE NEED GOOD THOUGHT, and once you start good work good people will always support, I have complete faith on JAI MAHARAJ and this will also be done in coming years. I also thank my parents and family for all their support.

I thank all who LIKE I love Nadiad page. It is only my intention to share my thoughts in a passive way, you found me, and to bring up new ideas. Feel free to e-mail me your comments, opinions, arguments, anything! I love a difference of opinion, when two minds collide we can only learn more.

Let’s help and grow for better tomorrow!!

Kalpesh Patel,

Admin & Creator - I love Nadiad






  2. you truly said that nadiad definately needed full time blood bank...not only full time blood bank but with all things we only get whole blood and not the blood component like platelet and FFP..another thing swimming pool and good public garden..previously badhir garden and manjipura garden bothe were good both are in pathetic needs improvment..



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